Strategic Communication & Tailoring

How do you reach your audience and convey your message? The HCRC can help. Strategic communication and tailoring are effective approaches that help tell people not what to think, but more frequently, what to think about. This method is rooted in theory-driven communication and continues to be a proven strategy for intrinsic change in behaviors.

Social Marketing

A powerful tool for both community-based and upstream policy change, social marketing employs strategies to reach wide populations with messages, products or services that make changing behaviors easier, normative, and whenever possible, fun.

Advocacy for Local Issues and Policy Change

Whether you need to educate your community about a new health policy, or simply want to raise awareness about environmental barriers to health, we can help. Our public health research and communication work have assisted many communities across Missouri. Using a variety of methods from digital storytelling and photovoice to community-based fieldwork, we can craft a plan and implement it to meet your deadlines and budget.

National Academic Recognition

Our team has national experience reducing health disparities through tailored news stories and has published and presented on a wide array of public health research projects.

Key Statewide Partnerships

The HCRC utilizes partnerships in key areas related to community-based interventions. Using advanced media relations and new technology, we can help you garner more coverage for your event or cause.

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