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Our Team

We specialize in evidence-based health communication to help clients reach individuals, communities, and larger networks and populations.

Jon's picture

Jon Stemmle

Senior Adviser

Jon is the former co-director of the Health Communication Research Center at the Missouri School of Journalism and an assistant professor of strategic communication. Since joining the HCRC at its founding in 2003, Jon led a variety of health communication projects on topics such as cancer prevention, health and science literacy, telehealth and photovoice. He now is an adviser to the Center and its projects.

His primary research interests involve health-related community-based participatory research, tailored health communication and non-traditional learning. Jon’s work in the area of strategic health communication has been presented to the CDC, European CDC, NCI and various health literacy groups around the nation. His research has been published in a wide array of journals including the Journal of Health Communication, Journal of Management and Marketing in Healthcare and the Journal of Interactive Advertising.

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Glen Cameron, Ph.D.


Glen Cameron is founder and co-director of the Health Communication Research Center at the University of Missouri, and is a professor and the Maxine Wilson Gregory Chair in Journalism Research at the Missouri School of Journalism. He also has a joint appointment in Family and Community Medicine at the University of Missouri School of Medicine to study patient-centered outcomes research. He has received many academic awards and honors. In statistical analyses of journalism and mass communication scholarship, Glen is cited as the most published researcher nationally in major refereed journals over the past five years. In 1996, he received the Pathfinder Award for Career Research Contributions from the Institute for Public Relations Research & Education. Glen’s research includes studies of public relations and news production, information processing of news and commercials, and tailored health news. He is co-author of the leading introductory text to public relations, Public Relations: Strategies and Tactics, published by Allyn & Bacon, now in its eleventh edition, with translations into nine languages. He has served as principal investigator or core director on nearly $70 million dollars in funded health and science communication projects, including currently participating in three federal Centers of Excellence.

Glen also has the distinction of commuting by bicycle over 46,000 miles and has used his contracting skills to build a cabin with his family in the Tobacco Root Mountains of Montana.

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Amy Dunaway


Amy is the co-director of the HCRC and was formerly the associate director, with oversight of the Center’s projects and daily operations. She has a background in social marketing and health communication and has led HCRC projects on healthy and active living. She has managed a wide array of research and marketing communication projects related to health, education, advocacy and behavior change. Projects have included working with underserved populations, health care providers, adolescents and parents.

A former Peace Corps volunteer based in West-Central Africa, she earned her MPH from Boston University and her MA from Emerson College.

Natalie Hampton

Sr. Information Specialist

Natalie is a senior information specialist at HCRC and a transplant from Southeastern Missouri. She has a rich background in public policy, advocacy and public health. Natalie has supported state and national campaigns related to policy change, particularly with underserved populations in Iowa, Louisiana, Kentucky, Missouri and Oklahoma. As a community-based behavior change practitioner, Natalie has extensive experience in field testing campaign messages and working with community-driven media firms. She also has led initiatives to increase health care access through telehealth and mHealth and has facilitated student-driven advocacy work through photovoice methods.

She has a master’s degree in public health from the University of Missouri and has taught in Ecuador and Spain.

Shelly's picture

Shelly Rodgers, Ph.D.

Research Advisor

Shelly Rodgers is a professor of strategic communication at the Missouri School of Journalism. Her research examines the ways digital media allow us to create more effective advertising and, as a result, prod people toward healthier behaviors. She explores health behavior concepts and develops psychology-based theories that involve memory attention and attitudes. Shelly is particularly interested in the processes by which health behavior is shaped by the information and technology that people use every day.

Rodgers’ research examines the effects of interactive communications on audience processing, with an emphasis on how to use the Internet to promote healthy behaviors. She has examined cancer communication, smoking cessation/prevention and tobacco control. Rodgers’ research on interactive advertising has appeared in numerous journals including the Journal of Advertising, Journal of Communication, Journal of Advertising Research, Journal of Interactive Advertising, Marketing Research, Social Marketing Research and Journal of Health Communication.

Rodgers is nationally ranked as one of the most productive Internet advertising scholars and is among the 10 most cited Internet advertising researchers. In addition, she was the 2010 president of the American Academy of Advertising.

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Ashley Sipocz

Sr. Information Specialist

Ashley is a senior information specialist at the HCRC with a background in psychology and public health. She has almost ten years of experience contributing to research teams at Yale University, North Central College (IL), and Brookfield Zoo (IL). Since joining the HCRC in May 2012, Ashley has researched and analyzed primary and secondary data sets on a variety of topics related to healthy and active living. A savvy web communicator, Ashley also manages the HCRC’s social media accounts, leveraging effective health messages across a variety of platforms.

She has a master’s degree in public health from the University of Missouri and graduated summa cum laude from North Central College, earning a bachelor’s degree in psychology and minor in Spanish.